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Why Bumin?

  • Patient- oriented,
    individually customized
    total care system

    Minimally Invasive Surgery, Non-Transfusion Surgery,
    Zero Defect Treatment, Team Diagnosis

  • Collaborative cross
    treatment system

    Offering best treatment plan based on team diagnosis system

  • Excellent medical
    technology established
    over the past 30 years

    • Certified Joint Specially Hospital by Ministry of Health & Welfare of Korea
    • Certified Medical Institution for Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality
    • Korea's Best Specialty Hospital in Korea Global Medical Service Award

Joint Center

High flex
Special implant customized to
allow full range of motion
Unique surgical technique for
high flex implant
Pain control
Ultrasound guided nerve block
technique to decrease pain level
Early stage rehabilitation allows
faster recovery ROM and Muscle
Strengthening program

Spine Center

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery providing Maximum Treatment Effect with Minimized Trauma to Patients

  • 20cm incision
  • 3cm incision, 1cm incisions
  • Large incis
  • 1.5-2cm incision
  • Less damages to nerves, tissues and bones
  • Less blood loss and less scarring
  • Reduced Pain
  • Faster recovery, reduced hospital stay
  • Non-transfusion, reducing risk of blood infection
  • Better for diabetic patients